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Confined to a small room, two women talk around each other in attempts to gain the understanding of the other. Placing the more feminine "love object" in the subject's position, As the World Falls Down dives into her fantasy world as a stripper with back-up dancers, but no partner, and draws from lyrics by En Vogue and the Spice Girls that
reveal her hopes and expectations of a loving relationship and guide her through a difficult decision.

As the World Falls Down is the second episode of the video art trilogy, This is More Than Love I Feel Inside, in which Jillian Peña traces a queer relationship from inception to demise. Focusing on the interior and imaginary worlds of the partners, we glimpse the ultimate impossibility of true communication or connection between the girls. The work's characters are all played by Jillian, creating a juggle between the autoerotic and homoerotic, the self-reflexive and the self-obsessed.

As The World Falls Down...
As The World Falls Down...